A bucket of water

It is a few weeks since I posted complaining of the weather but last week I was going to post about a perfect day.  You know how it rains in the night, there is a gentle breeze during the day and the temperature was a pleasant 18C.  Well, I thought, this is it summer has arrived, I took the blankets off the bed and it has been back to 13C in the day ever since.  This weather is terrible!  I have annuals sulking in the ground, the same height as when I planted them a month ago.  The lovely pale snapdragons I sowed for a wedding in early July will not make it.  Lots of hand wringing and teeth gnashing going on here!

To add to the misery I was taking a photo of these flowers, or maybe hadn’t even started, but next thing I knew the camera (new last year..) was knocked out of my hand and landed, splash, into a bucket of flowers.  I then floundered around wildly trying to locate it between stems.  I was so pleased to have got to the memory card and battery before the water seeped in there, but alas, no use, these electronic things don’t like water and the camera is ruined – can you hear my teeth gnashing from where you are?

PS My phone takes quite good photos!

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