A New Year

Happy New Year!  Traditionally in Scotland your house is supposed to be spotless to let the New Year in – including your hearth.  I don’t know how you clean your hearth and keep the fire burning to keep you warm whilst you wait up for the New Year! I was using someone’s else’s hearth in Wester Ross so hope that gets me out of that one.

I can never quite decide about the New Year thing.  I don’t make a list of resolutions – I am old enough to know that these lists aren’t resolved!  What I like to do is to think about which bits of 2010 I would like to leave behind, you know: embarassments, mistakes, guilt, arguments, pesky people, arguments with pesky people etc and move on to 2011 with all the good bits.  Then, just wait and see what the new year will bring.  I feel a little excited, maybe it is just the thought of a whole new year, and in flower terms, three different seasons to look forward too.

This year I will have to make a few decisions about how I can realistically continue on a part time basis without giving up the family or all other aspects of daily living to grow flowers!  I possibly need more space to grow, or help to garden, or help to deliver etc.  This planning  will need to be done well before the sowing starts…..

Thank you for all your support in 2010 – best of luck for your New Year!

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