A stake in the ground

Happy (belated) New Year!

We started 2013 pegging out the flower field and it feels great to have got started.  The ground is still sodden – too wet for heavy machinery to help out at this stage so we are going in manually or we will miss another season.  We are probably on Plan D by now but having had time to reflect, Plan D is probably more workable than previous incarnations and will give us time to evaluate our growing methods before we committ to doing the whole field one way. (Yes, I am digging up all those rushes by hand. New wheelbarrow very helpful, cats not so much!)

We discovered an old track when we removed turf – conveniently in exactly the place we want our main track to be!  The sods are lined up ready for a shelter belt to be planted, (to include lots of willow in the boggy areas!).  It rained everyday of course but this is the time of year of all great plans, anticipation and motivation – the reality of pests, crop failure, no sun etc is still far off!!

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