Mayfield Flowers: passionate about real flowers!

  • I have been growing and arranging seasonal Scottish grown flowers since 2008. My ethos has always been to provide a natural and sustainable local alternative to the current industrialised cut flower industry. This means that flowers aren’t in a high energy input greenhouses or monocrops. They are grown in line with HDRA organic garden principles, although we have not registered as organic. The theme of sustainability runs through the packaging, recycling and composting cycle we have on the flower farm.

    My choice of flowers change with the seasons (April to October) and often week by week, for example in the intense growth in spring. This mirroring of the seasons is a great connection to the natural world around us and adds an extra dimension to my cut flowers.
 Placing an order may be a step into the unknown as you may not know what is coming out of the garden that week. However you will not be disappointed by the beauty and individuality of the bouquets.

    The journey from field to vase starts with sowing and planting cut flower varieties that thrive in the west of Scotland/local environment. We then nurture these seedlings in the cutting garden to flowering stage. When blooming, we use our knowledge of how to select and pick each variety to get maximum vase life for mixed bouquets and maximum fullness for weddings. Each variety is then carefully conditioned according to its individual foibles (does it need warm water, wrapped, dark and so forth). We pride ourselves in the quality of our blooms.

  • Next, to create natural and verdant arrangements full of life and detail, we combine the beauty of the flowers and foliage with all their gestures and form, reflecting the many elements we have available from the cutting gardens and nature. Our floristry and growing skill encompasses this knowledge and ensures that your flowers meet the needs of your event/occasion.

    Please be patient when getting in contact – I can’t put down a bouquet of flowers to answer the phone, nor can I answer emails with mud on my hands!

    Mayfield Flowers