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I received a copy of “Country skills and Crafts” a few weeks ago from one of the authors, Maureen Little.  Inside is a chapter on growing flowers for cutting and, lo and behold, I am mentioned as a case study!  This is a lovely little book giving an introduction to all sorts of activities such as keeping chickens and bees, growing herbs and soft fruit, making cider and cheese as well as soap and dyeing.  Available in all good bookshops I am sure, but also available from

Maureen’s website is a “hive” of information on bees and gardening with bees and wildlife in mind…(sorry couldn’t resist the play on words). So even if you can’t grow cut flowers I am sure there will be something you can grow in your garden or window box that can help bees.  The website also has soap and other products for sale if Christmas gifts are required.

Information on the decline of bees is also on the Soil Association website

I can’t get any photos to upload – there is always something wrong with technology isn’t there?

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