Wedding planning and trends 2016

The wedding planning season must have started, wedding enquiries coming through.  What will this year’s trends be? Will there be lots of natural arches or will it be floral curtains? Inside or outside venues? Marquees or castles? Will you be DIYing your own flowers? Perhaps doing everything, down to making your own paper for invitations? Here are some people brave enough to offer …


Poppies are beautiful flowers, delicate petals uncreasing themselves from the calyx.  But they are a pain to cut! This year I finally fell in love with them as a cut flower as I got to grips with how to get them at the right stage and the conditioning and admired their ability to stand up to the difficult weather early on …

Summer Season?

We celebrated the start of winter by lighting the fire…..I kid you not!  50mph winds, lashing rain and highs of 13C – what happened to summer weather? Flowers are plodding on though doing their best and the sun shone for a lucky bride at Mabie House recently whose flowing hair was perfect for a floral crown.  

Scottish Wedding Flowers shine again

Slightly further than last week’s wedding but still within the 50 mile bouquet radius and always Slow Flowers.  The venue was Dalduff Farm so included local food too as the venue has its own butcher and shop on site. The scented narcissi held on for this weekend’s wedding (probably due to all the cold weather!).  Always lovely to get scented flowers …

Wild Scottish wedding flowers

Whilst other parts of the country are turning to bright daffodils and jewel anemones I am loving the natural combinations a nd textures of these wild and very Scottish looking buttonholes.      

Scottish Thistle

Which one of these is a real “Scottish thistle” and which one is an overgrown import? Thistle photo from