Choosing natural wedding flower combinations

For Stephanie’s wedding in May I had free reign to design and choose the colours for the bouquet.  Initially this is great when brides allow you this freedom as I really can have the pick of the garden.  However come nearer the event and that freedom and choice suddenly becomes a challenge.  The challenge is what to choose, what line to go down and then restrain yourself!

Stephanie was looking for a large bouquet so focal flowers of different sizes to draw the eye in an arrangement was a start.  The ranunculus had just come into bloom and in such beautiful soft colours for a wedding so they were my beginning point, (“not too bright” being the only other stipulation from Stephanie).  Every year there are one or two lucky brides whose weddings co-incide with the short flowering season of Lily of the valley – lucky Stephanie – a few of the fragrant sprigs were tucked in her bouquet.

I wanted a bit of the lushness of spring in the bouquet so foliage was important.  I like to use several different kinds to give varying colours and textures.


Transition flowers such as pale “bluebells” and pale anemones were included along with white broom, white bluebells and a host of other finishing touches including a wayward piece of ivy that I loved how it dangled so in it went.  Bouquets like these become a labour of love so it is important to stop adding regularly to check progress and not make something that is too heavy to carry!


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