Christmas wreath traditions

We are making wreaths for shop doors today – Christmas must be coming soon!

Where does the tradition of hanging wreaths on doors come from?  Well it depends how far back you want to go in history.  In Europe, wreaths have long been symbolic, with their use in pre-christian or pagan times as part of the celebration of the winter solstice. Celebrating the turning of the year and waiting for the fresh growth of spring with evergreens. The wreath could also be seen as a circle of life, with no beginning and no end to symbolise the natural cycle of birth and death and continuing of life in nature. Other ancient cultures have used wreaths/circles as symbols of life too and of course the the Romans were fond of wreaths but on their heads as garlands, (think of Julius Caesar and Olympics)

The use of a wreath in Christianity may have borrowed this never ending circle to symbolise the death and birth of Christ and therefore the idea of immortality or eternity. The tradition of red and green in wreaths is reported to come from the symbolism of evergreen for (Christ’s) eternity and blood from Jesus’s crucifixion.

Today this symbolism may not be considered when we adorn our doors but instead we may just feel that a wreath makes a welcoming entrance to our homes and brightens up  what can seem a long winter and signals the lead up to Christmas.

We have several options for Christmas door decorations this year: you can come on one of our Christmas wreath making workshops, collect a wreath from our two collection points or have a postal delivery.  We have had great fun collecting all manner of interesting details for these wreaths from dried grasses and seed pods to tiny pine cones.  If you would like some (tasteful)  bling included please ask as we have had the silver spray paint out too!

Workshops: 3rd Dec 7-9pm at Mayfield Flowers workshop, Stewarton

5th Dec 10-12pm at Mayfield Flowers workshop, Stewarton

6th December 10.30-12.30pm at An Clachan cafe, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Made to order wreaths and swags    We have a limited number of made to order wreaths available in large £60, medium £35 and small £15.  These must be pre-ordered at least 48 hours in advance and will be available for collection from Nethergate Larder, Stewarton and An Clachan cafe, Kelvingrove on 11th December.  Delivery is available for £5 to West End of Glasgow on 11th December and for Stewarton area on 7th December.

If you would like a wreath posted the postage cost is £5-15 depending on first or second class option and size of wreath.

Please email or phone your wreath order or query stating the size you require, and whether you would like delivery or collection from Stewarton or Glasgow.

Sizes: large approximately 60cm diameter, medium approximately 48cm diameter, small approximately 30cm diameter

Christmas parties

Having a party or do this Christmas?  Would you like your home filled with natural christmas decorations to mark the event?  Please get in touch to discuss how we could bring a verdant christmas feel to your home.

This photo of a large wreath doesn’t give the feel of the storm that we are in and so dark it needed a flash outside!




natural christmas wreath




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