Digger arrives

I haven’t kept up with this blog so all news is not necessarily in chronological order!  A brief update on the flower field – there isn’t one yet!  The drainage channel was put in and the rushes cut ready for the plough but the wet weather has continued and the field was no where near dry enough so attempts to plough were abandoned.


This feels like a big set back but perhaps it will be the best way of keeping on top of the culitvation area. It does mean that hundreds of seedlings have no where to be transplanted to, hundreds of bulbs will need a home etc etc.  So Plan B involves building raised beds to put in the yard to make sure I have some stock for next year!  At least this feeld like I am doign something constructive for next year rather than leaving it all to the spring and hoping it will be drier then!

Look at the mess the tractor has made in the wet!

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