End of season?

I have managed to keep some semblance of notes over the past two years – some more legible and sensibly ordered than most.  These notes are useful in comparing year to year and in preparation for what to expect.  Last year I had dahlias in November! but then look what happened to the weather which meant I was caught out with the ground becoming unworkable.

What to do this year?  Limp on for a few weeks or be ruthless and pull things up?  I am still undecided.  This is a great time for reflection whilst things are still fresh in my mind rather than only relying on scrawly notes.  I HAVE managed to stake things more this year, and keep better notes, things should get easier the more I do them, processes get more efficient and so on.  I do have to remember that I am doing this part time with a limited space so won’t be able to “revolutionise flower purchasing” anytime soon!

I had a visit from Carol from Edinburgh in September and chatting over the pros and cons of this type of flower business with someone else was very interesting and I hope that despite my reservation about the time and energy commitment I was enthusiatic!  Hope you have dug up that garden by now Carol, ready for planting!

September small bouquet.

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