End of the season

We are nearing the end of the season here – I can cover things over and keep a few enthusiatic flowerers going but there comes a time when outside it says “winter” (or “autumn” if you are luckly elsewhere in the UK) and so having fushia pink dahlias in a bouquet feels incongruous.  Time to focus on berries and foliage, but not really for flowers.  I have placed a bulb order (larger than anticipated) and hope to be blooming again late March – early April.  I wonder what kind of winter we will have this year?  Is it my imagination or has it been constantly windy this year? There are several huge glass houses lying empty here in Kilmaurs but they don’t seem to be available for renting – what a waste! A little space uncover would extend my season and reduce the battering from the wind – glasshouses and a walled garden – something to dream about in the winter months.

Here are some bouquets from the last few weeks.

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