Farmers Markets

I will try and update you on the going ons of the last month – not necessarily in chronological order!  The Farmer’s Market in Ayr was in a strange venue – a car park at the back of the shopping centre.  Most people still remember it as being down by the wee bridge over the river – which identifies the last time they went to the Ayr Farmer’s Market.

I felt the Kilmarnock Farmer’s Market was a different story.  The market had relocated back to its original spot at the Cross.  Lots of great stalls and lots of people stopping.  Thanks to everyone who stopped to give my flowers compliments and who bought flowers or took leaflets.  Someone even emailed me afterwards to say that they had received some of my flowers from a friend and loved them so much they wanted to thank me!  That kind of feedback is so nice to hear and I am so grateful to people who go to the effort of doing this.

Here are the Green Flower Boxes I made for the stall.

And a gorgeous gift wrapped medium bouquet – with stiff paper to protect against wind on the stall – one hazard of doing a flower stall I discovered in Ayr.

These photos were taken around midnight!  The whole process took so much longer than I had anticipated it really was an investment in time and energy to pick, prepare flowers, set up and stand at a stall for 4-5 hours.

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