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A break in the blogging.  This is always the way – winter there is more time to blog but no pictures of achingly beautiful flowers.  Now we have flowers but no time to blog as the planting out, tending and harvesting all needs done at once.  We are almost at the turn of the year where we can ease off on some fronts.  Although this is likely to lead to forgetting some major task like sowing biennials if we get too relaxed.

Last week’s Flower Boxes below.  Small, medium and large available.  Beautiful loose blooms selected to work together in one arrangement, or if you choose the medium or large size you will get enough for several.  This week were stocks so fabulous scent too. We can post these nationally, or ask about local delivery.  Glasgow deliveries are at the Food Assembly collection point on Monday between 5.30pm-7.30pm or ask about delivery to a specific address.

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