Flowers in Water recycled transporter

I finally got my new Mayfield stamp through the post today to finish off the containers for small displays and posies.  I have trialled many containers and designs to get something that can be made out of items that would otherwise go straight into landfill.  The container will probably endup there in the end but at least it has been used twice, not once, and has prevented more waste being created to package these small displays.  I am very pleased with the result, what do you think?

One of the containers is going to the lucky “first inkpot of the Spring” winner.  The other will be a surprise gift tomorrow.

The stamp is great fun. I have stamped a lot of stuff just for the sake of it – just like a child with a new art set!

I have also managed to take photos of the greetings cards specially made for Mayfield by Vicki of Spotty Dog Designs.  I will get a web page up as soon as I can. Just the thing to add with a gift of flowers.  There is a Spring card, Summer card and all occasion.

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