Flowers nearly there!

The bulbs on the left were planted 10 days before the bulbs on the right.  Time to bring the ones on the right inside to catch up.  I have been glad the weather has not got above 5C recently as it has slowed the bulbsdown, hopefully for perfect timing for next weekend.  I can bring the bulbs inside to give them heat to bring them on, but I can’t make it colder than it is outside!

I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed watching the progress of these bulbs – or maybe I have kept such a daily watch on them as someone’s wedding depends on it!  It is probably that new growth and flowering is such a sign of spring and I am starting to get to that stage of the year where I want to see signs of spring on its way, these bulbs mean that it all seems a little closer.  They also smell so strongly.

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