Gales again

As I am typing this we are in the middle of another storm – not sure my plants can withstand another battering – what did I say about complaining about the weather?

Apologies for the problems with the RSS feed and Facebook pages – some virtual cyber gremlin trying to interfere with naturally grown produce…

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  1. This must be the worst year for flower growing so far!!:(

    Dreading a hosepipe ban here, even the recent bit of rain hasn’t seemed to perk up my yellow lawn and sad looking trees etc. I feel like a proud mother with the flowers that are still blooming their hearts out in less than ideal conditions! Lets hope the summer is less brutal than the spring and winter. xx

  2. Post

    Perhaps I could swap some rain with some heat from you?! It just shows you how we need to grow with nature not against, and if you are growing flowers for cutting make sure you have plenty of options up your sleeve! Your cut flower arrangements are lovely and i hope you have had a successful start to the season despite this weather. It is so windy here I might give up and do some house cleaning – it’s that bad!

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