Getting a certificate

I also didn’t get round to telling you about the Floristy course I did this month, in London no less.  I had hestitated for a long time before doing this as I was aware that my flowers and methods aren’t mainstream floristy – which is what was covered in the 3 day course.  So yes, it was useful as I have little bits of training here and there and a lot self taught but  I wasn’t sure whether to feel disheartened by, amongst other things, the reliance on roses and floral foam, or whether to feel even more motivated to promote an alternative.  I know why roses bred without scent and not to open are so useful: great shape, strong stem, variety of colours, long vase life, available all year round etc.  I also know why floral foam is so useful: cut it to shape, soak it for a few seconds, holds water, holds stems in all kinds of positions etc.  But……………I will blog on that one later!

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