Getting ready for autumn

We are lucky to live in a mild part of the country – there are advantages to frequent cloud cover and rain – but we do tend to get a nip of frost once or twice in mid September and then nothing again until mid to end of October if we are lucky.  So this year I have hoops up ready for the night that I have to rush out and cover the half hardy annuals that can keep going as long as they are not frosted.  I am trialling different types of hoops, here we have round and square – you may be able to spot the flaw in the system with the round hoops immediately?  I had to wait for someone to point it out when they inspected the new wares! Want the answer?

hoops in flower field

The beds are remarkably weed free.  I put this down to the no-dig system we started in January. I pick a few things out as I am wandering around looking at harvesting potential but the buttercups have not come through the beds and as the paths are not grassed there has been no encrouchment from here either. No one in the family has yet offered to shift another 20tonnes of compost for the next main section though!

We have another 5m wide section that we left covered in black membrane this season as we had run out of compost (and time and energy).  The pasture has nicely rotted away underneath so I could now plant in it.  But I am still wondering if I should add a top dressing of something else just incase.

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