Growing in snow

We haven’t had significant snow for years but last week we did and it is still here!  The ranunculus that were to be covered by the caterpillar tunnels was thwarted by several weeks of gales (and let’s face it torrential rain). A thaw has started but with that more torrential rain and strong winds.

I now recognise a pattern in myself that seems to occur yearly, and by now I should be wise to it!  It is the change of the weather in the autumn that makes me want to go inside and start hibernating in for the winter in the blind belief that once Christmas is over there will be plenty time to get the garden straight and get ahead with all the ordering of seeds, plants and materials done.  But no.  It is never like this.  Often because with all the enthusiasm of a new year we take on another project or try and break a new piece of ground or because the weather is against us with too much winter rain and in recent years so much wind.  But as “The Big Yin”, Billy Connery, is famously supposed to have said: In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes.  Just need to try and catch up before the flowers start blooming….


Somewhere out there are the cutting beds, gradually being exposed with the thaw

snow covered flower farm


Looking for ranunculus under the snow covered fleece!

looking for ranunculus

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