Happy New Year 2016

Still not sure what day it is as we go from one Bank Holiday to another!  Enjoying today as the Scottish New Year Bank Holiday though.  The weather was continually wet and windy through November and December, (does anyone have any figures for Ayrshire rainfall?), but the rain has held off for a few days now so we are trying to get the field ready whilst we can and restore things after the storms.  At this stage of the year it is hard to imagine that the field can go from a windswept barren looking place to a field of flowers in a few months.  Although, with so few frosts so far there is still lots of green so the landscape isn’t as bleak as it could be, especially with plants starting to bud up early with the mild weather.  I wonder what advantages or challenges that will bring down the line?winter 2016 flower farmer



autumn Scottish flower farm

So here’s to 2016 and hope you all have a great year.  I would love to hear your gardening and flowery news.  We are also on Twitter and Facebook.



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