How to DIY your wedding flowers

Are you getting married soon? Perhaps you are on a tight budget but want lots of flowers or perhaps you want the freedom to create as much of your day as possible, or maybe your venue is in a far flung place in Scotland with no florists nearby. Have you considered doing your own wedding flowers? We can supply buckets of loose flowers for your day but also can do the bridal party flowers if you prefer, just leaving the venue flowers for you to create.

Before embarking on DIY flowers you might want to consider what it entails and what you need to plan for or how far you want to go. A large proportion of the cost of wedding flowers is the time and design skills of the florist making the flowers. When you pay for a florist to do your flowers you are buying a service – not just the flowers. You are investing in someone to design, order or pick blooms, then create and set up arrangements using a perishable, delicate product that has to be delivered on time on a certain day, looking amazing, no matter what.

So the first two questions for DIYers are: how much time do you have for planning and in the days leading up to the wedding and are you new to flowers or do have some experience already? Is there someone in the family who has some experience and can guide you? Do you have people to help you get the arrangements ready at the venue?

What type of arrangements are you making? Bearing in mind the time and complexity of some arrangements I would suggest you keep things simple if you are new to flowers. If you are the bride, I suspect you would prefer not to spend the morning trying to build a flower arch. If you are researching online, make sure you are looking at photos of what other people have achieved, not photos of work that a professional florist has made. We have supplied flowers for wedding parties at lots of venues which have all been transformed with their DIY table arrangements. Keeping it simple usual means jam jars for small posies or bottles or a few stems – gin bottles are popular at the moment!

Mayfield Flowers natural Scottish wedding flowers
Summer DIY wedding flowers (photo credit, Clickybox photography)
Made from these buckets of loose DIY wedding flowers

If you need more help in planning or want to learn to make some arrangements our DIY wedding workshop is designed to help you through the logistics of plannings and timings and give you the foundation skills for making a loose bouquet, small buttonhole and simple table arrangements. July 28th is the only date we planning for this workshop for 2019 so don’t miss out, booking are still open.

DIY wedding table flowers from Mayfield Flowers (photo credit Nikki Leadbetter)
DIY wedding table flowers from Mayfield Flowers (photo credit Nikki Leadbetter)
Mayfield Flowers DIY service, photo credit FerrierBrown Wedding Photography

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