Hurtling towards autumn

You can feel it in the air somehow.  Is it the colder mornings?  The colder nights? Or the fact that it is getting dark around 8.30pm?  Whatever it is I definitely feel autumn in the air.  The swallows flew the nest last week and they are busy practising for the long flight home and leaves are starting to turn.  I like autumn, especially after a nice summer, it feels good to change the season and enjoy the things that make each season special.  Autumn for me is about harvesting and hunkering down for winter.  What about you, how do you enjoy what autumn brings?

The field selection is moving into autumn colours but still lots of blues and pinks and a few crops just starting to keep us going until November.  Here is a section of the field at the beginning of July and now at the beginning of September.

3rd September

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