“In the garden”

I really should have one of those signs “In the Garden” to hang on the door as that is where I seem to have been the last 3 weeks.  The weather has been so dry it has been ideal for transforming the new patch and what a transformation, pictures below.  My mantra has been “it is all in the preparation” throughout, which is true.  All the hard landscaping is (almost in), paths, edges, low walls etc.

Of course I couldn’t have done it all by myself. Hard work from a few good people has been essential – this man was very useful for laying slabs for example, although I did find the Grand Prix seemed to be a distraction from slab laying for him. Every time we do anything with slabs he swears he won’t touch another one again….

So from this on 9th March………..

to this on 10th April.  That was 6 days ago so if the weather stays clear I will post the latest photo!

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