Isle of Bute Wedding

Scotland has hundreds of islands, lots of them inhabited.  But if you are having a wedding in a fantastic location that involves a ferry journey a few brides have found getting their flowers to the venue very difficult.  This was the case in August where the bride found me through a tweet!  Not quite sure how the chain of tweets occured (as I don’t even have an account) but it culminated in the use of that old fashioned technology – a landline phone.  I much prefer speaking to brides on the phone rather than email and even better to meet them too to ensure they understand the Mayfield Flower concept and find out what they are really after.

So a bride’s bouquet, a bridesmaid bouquet and jam jar table centres  were packed off to Bute without me ever setting eyes on the bride.


The buttonhole had to last a few days out of water so flowers and foliage had to be carefully chosen

I like to see where my flowers are going and that they will be alright there! I hope the bride is able to send some photos of how it all looked in situ.

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