Last of the flowers for a Baby boy

As my season comes to an end I was very pleased to be able to give my homegrown Mayfield flowers to a friend who has had a baby.  Well timed delivery on her part as these really are some of the last flowers!  I gave them all prepared in a jug so there would be no work involved in displaying them or hunting for a vase with a new baby to attend to.  (The jug doesn’t show up very well in the photo).


I am busy trying to put the last of new bulbs in and some propagated plants.  I also need to pot on my autumn sown hardy annuals.  I am experimenting with having some under cover over winter for early planting so hopefully get a head start in the season and perhaps even miss the slugs…

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  1. Hello
    If i am not mistaken these were the flowers you gave to my sister when Gordon was born. They were lovely and so i was delighted that she has organised for me to have flowers in the new year. i hope all your hard work this year has been worth it and i look forward to my flowers in the months to come.

  2. Post

    It is so nice to hear that people like my flowers and I will look forward to creating displays for you, Jacqueline, next year (when the weather improves!).

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