It has been a while since I blogged.  Some of this was due to lack of time, another reason was being unable to write anything positive about the Ayr Farmer’s market experience, I thought I better wait to see how I felt before putting it in print!  Also I find that talking to myself (don’t worry it now seems to be good for us) makes me think I have already blogged about something and therefore feel like I am repeating myself..!

Anyway, I started to write this a few days ago but by the time I had sorted out my digital photos to load on to the web I had used up the “spare” hour I had.  At least I have some photos though, as I have found myself still forgetting to photograph flowers as they go out the door (and possibly deleting some by mistake…).  I now have a new phone that takes good photos and can easily be downloaded onto the computer – so at least now if I forget my camera I will always be able to take a photo.  My son kindly took this photo of a bunch for me as he thought I needed some ‘wallpaper’ on my new phone and obviously didn’t think I would manage – youth eh?  “Hey, I can work this website you know”.

With flowers going out the house, not in, I find I am left with the odds and ends – but then I get to see them up close and in ways that I can’t appreciate in a large bunch.

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