March Spring

It was January, and now it is suddenly March.  I am not kidding when I tell people that the “season” starts in February but you don’t see my flowers until April.  It is none stop at the moment.  I still have the Valentine’s heart on the home page – ridiculous! will now change it to a Snowdrop as a stop gap.

So, in the garden things are really shooting up.  These were not at all visible two weeks ago.  I love these types of plants, (Allium) – reliable, happy and the young growth is not touched by slugs!  And, Ha, I have beaten the slugs on the Delphiniums this year.  I am so pleased – but the blighters sensed I was distracted by watching the delphinums so went and munched round the Arum instead!  I am tempted to force some branches – but do people want forced branches or are they desperate for flowers all the time?

Back to: weeding, seed order, plant order, propagation, sowing, clearing up, getting the lean to in order, dividing, planting.  Which one first?

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