Flower Care

Your Flowers – And how to care for them

As your flowers are chosen and picked to order, each bouquet will be unique.  You will get flowers that are at the best stage for picking, the combinations will be ever changing with the weeks and seasons of the year and carefully conditioned..

A medium hand tie is approx 30cm across, a small handtie is approx 20cm across and an ink pot display 15cm high.  There are two options for packaging.

  1. gift wrapping –  cellophane aqua pack, generously surrounded by tissue to display and protect, with cardboard carrier, finished with raffia or ribbon tie and gift tag with flower care details.  This option would make a lovely present of a gift of flowers, order here
  2. plain wrapping –  hand tie bouquet of the same size (approx 30cm x 35 cm) wrapped in paper to protect but without the aqua pack.  The flowers should therefore not be out of water for any length of time.  (Bring a bucket if you have far to go!), order here.  Discounts are available for regular orders, see subscription flowers.  Your flowers are expected to last 5-7 days or more with the right flower care.

Flower care at home
Get your flowers home as soon as possible – don’t leave them in the car whilst you go shopping for a few hours!

If your flowers are in an aqua pack you can keep them like this if regularly topped up with water although you may prefer to unwrap the flowers and cellophane and put them in your own vase as this gives a longer vase life.  You don’t need to cut the hand tie string round the stems.  If you are unsure what type of vase or container your bouquet will look best in, have a look at our vase display page to guide you.

If your flowers have come with preservative, using this will help prolong their life.  (If you haven’t been given any, some of the flowers in your bunch don’t like it!).

To get the best vase life:

  • clean your vase!  It should be as clean as a tea cup!
  • don’t put your flowers in direct sunlight or next to a heat source like a radiator.  The cooler the better, even if you have the move the display when no one is about.
  • Don’t place near fruit, (the ethyl given off speeds up the dismise of the flowers).  Taking out any dead or dying flowers also helps the others to stay alive as these give off ethyl as well.
  • If your flowers haven’t come in water you should recut the stem ends before placing then in a vase.
  • You must keep the water fresh.  Change it every other day.  You can place the vase under a running tap until the water is exchanged if you don’t want to disturb the display.


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