Mind over Matter

It’s 2012!  No New Year’s resolutions, this is the year of actions!

First up, all the jobs that I avoided before Christmas…like painting.  Do you ever use all tactics to avoid doing something that you are not looking forward to?  Well I tackled this procrastination by dedicating today to a painting job that I was anticipating to be very fiddly and difficult.  But as it happened a job I was dreading turned into a peaceful day of radio and paintbrush carefully going round four door frames, four windows and kitchen units (and painting the walls in between). I even finished before kids came home from school to loot the kitchen!  I am so pleased.  I think the key was making sure I had enough time to do the job to the standard required – and getting on with it on a certain day.  How often do we have the luxury of that?

Next up – flower farming jobs that aren’t that interesting: sorting seeds, cleaning pots, etc etc  But it is all necesary to get on to the fun and creative stuff.  I love the feeling of January being a new beginning and Spring on it’s way, with all the possibilities of growing before me.

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