Moving on

The season has changed.  Autumn is here with blackberries, bags of plums and apples from neighbours and wild wet weather – probably nothing to do with the reminants of Hurricane Katia – I’m always complaining about the wet and windy weather!

Below is a picture of a productive part of the garden in mid August – I think it would be optimistic to think that it will still look like that after today!


My plans for next year are a bit up in the air as the Big Space I thought I had secured has not come to fruition.  This means that the issues around delivery, supply, availablity and scale are still around.  I will be spending some time in the winter months mulling this all over.  It is of course a myth that nothing needs done in the seasonal cutting garden over winter – it’s just that nothing gets sold!  Unfortunately this is now the time to do many things for next year to make the most of the growing season, so without plans I already feel limited for next year.  We will see what blows in on the wind….

I am looking forward to seeing photos of Mayfield Flowers in print in a wedding magazine in October and also a piece about Mayfield Flowers in a book about cottage industries in September – guess what will be on my coffee table all winter!

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