Natural Dyeing

Having Babs from Botanical Inks run a workshop to explore natural dyeing from flowers raised a few questions I hadn’t thought on despite believing I was rooted in the soil and valued Nature. By growing flowers for the purpose of selling each stem, flowers become a commodity.  Being asked to consider the plant before cutting may result in unfulfilled orders but raising this possiblity did make me reflect on how I might be taking advantage of, or overlook the magical qualities of plants.  How they can give us so much – the beauty of a flower in my field of course,  but also fibre (string, cloth), as well as medicinal and herbal uses and the power of colour for dyeing.   Am I making full use of the flowers I am growing? Can I do more to close the loop of using resources to make my produces (even if they are natural already)?  Watch this space.


and all the remnants compostable at the end of the process.

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