Once I had torn myself away from the seed and dahlia sections of the sumptuous Sarah Raven catalogue, I sat down to the job I had been dreading for some weeks – making sense of the “notes” I had made on planting, quantities and results to order any new seeds required.  To my amazement the job had already been half done!  Last Autumn I must have sat down whilst the information was all fresh in my mind so I could make rational judgements rather than relying on memory.  So there it was, my plant lists ticked with “most useful”, “order more” etc etc.  I am congratulating myself on the fact that I kept legible notes, in a sensible order with useful information and so on.  But what I am really worried about it that I have no recollection of when I did this and I don’t remember even doing it!

We have been organising the house at the moment.  We have new shelving in one of the kid’s room, which led to displaced shelving which led to reusing old shelving in dining room which has meant a space to lay out all my cut flower, floristy and main gardening books and Mayfield Flower filing.  Along with a new shelf in a cupboard and my organised plant lists above I am in well ordered heaven!  It makes such a difference to efficient working to be able to get my hands on things easily, and should ensure that things have a place to go back to rather than ending up in a clutttered corner.  That’s the theory anyway.  The spring cleaning continues until the storms are over…..will my enthusiasm last that long?

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