Rain chart

I have been a bit behind in the sowing and planting this autumn compared to last year. I think the severe frosts by the beginning of November in 2008 certainly signalled that it was time to put the garden ‘to bed’ for the winter. This year has been so mild (and wet) that I still had nicotianias and dahlias etc flowering a fortnight ago, and I did not want to cut them down. So of course, now, the weather has been so wet it has not been ideal for tramping around the garden…umm a lesson in there somewhere.

I do have a little space under cover which has been fantastic this autumn for potting up and sowing. It only has a roof and shallow sides so when the wind blows it brings rain in to lash against your legs but not as bad as being outside!

We moan about the rain a lot, but I didn’t realise how bad it had been this summer and over the last 12 months until I came across these rainfall charts.  The amount of rain is not just in my imagination!


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