Rain, rain, rain

It has been a mixed few days.  Very heavy rain for what seems weeks, with a tentative walk round the garden each day to see what has survived. A recent comment of “they are just garden flowers” also threw me.  Over the last 18 months I have had a steep learning curve.  I have discovered (the hard way?) that it is one thing to grow a nice garden for pleasure, another level to grow and cut for your own pleasure and a further level to grow, cut and sell!  To counter all this I have had lots of positive comments about my “unusual” flowers and ethos of my business, so it is not all bad news.  I have also found that picking every stem that my sweet peas have to offer is actually very relaxing (when not in a hurry).  As a previous laissez-faire gardener, the idea of nurturing sweet peas undercover then regularly deadheading them to continue the blooms would have seem completely unnecessary.  But inhaling the sweet pea scent as I harvest and knowing that other people will also get enjoyment from them has turned out to be an unexpected pleasure of Mayfield Flowers.  I would go out and inhale the sweet peas just now, only it is raining again…

The first picture below is of a bedraggled flower, the second flower isn’t bothered about the rain!


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