Romantic Scottish castle wedding

Here in Scotland we do castle wedding venues and island venues (with ferry trip) very well.  We also do lush green landscapes very well.  That’s beacuse we do rain very well indeed!

I am so behind on blogging that this was a wedding at the end of August! Anyway here was a beautiful castle, on a beautiful day with a lovely young couple and beautiful sustainable wedding flowers.  This was a couple that refused all excuses such as “I am moving I don’t think I can do your wedding” and not taking no for an answer ended up with their specifically requested lilac, with yellow and cream bouquet and buttonhole.  The table centres were jam jar arrangements and (I can’t find the photo I thought showed) there was a flower laden top table decoration.  It is always the way!  I teamed up with Maureen Little, the Bee lady and so the couple had wild flower seed mixes suitable for Scotland for wedding flavours.

The text from the bride a few days after “they were perfect – we have never seen such beautiful flowers!”  I am glad I managed to do this wedding after all.

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