Scented narcissi in Scottish wedding

In the last week we have gone from cold to 24C and flowers blooming in quick succession wondering what is going on.  Last night was -2C with sleet and hail today!  I was so pleased the scented narcissi were still going strong for the wedding at the weekend.  I really wanted the scent to fill the small church.  We used a lot of narcissi but beautiful weather for Sarah (my glamorous Land Girl) and I to pick in!  Slow flower movement suggests your flowers should come from a 50 mile radius – so great that all these came from a 15 mile radius (with a little help from a few Oxfordshire ranunculus as mine were eaten by slugs…)

scottish narcissi harvest

wedding harvest




tulip season starts


scottish narcissi jam jars

April pew ends Scottish flower wedding

Scottish wedding altar arrangement



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