Scottish wedding flowers – part 1

Here is a selection of photos from a recent Scottish wedding. This was an unusual wedding as the bride was Russian and the groom Scottish – a wonderful Russian and Scottish mixture.

As I am still discovering what is in this garden, and am always pleased to find things I didn’t know where growing here, I set off on a tour with wheelbarrow and buckets looking looking for fabulous natural flowers. (At this time of year it is usually the ones happy to put up with growing in Scotland!)  All the while I am considering what I need in terms of performance for the flowers.  As I look I am sifting through the bank of information in my head as to vase life, how long does it last out of water, does it shatter as it ages etc.  When I am harvesting a whole crop specificially grown for the purpose of cutting this is obviously less time consuming than”foraging” in the garden (or raiding friends’ gardens).

For this wedding I also cut foliage for “swags” to decorate the village hall.

After a few hours the workshop is full of so many gorgeous flowers that I really feel like a child in a sweetie shop!

Now the hard work begins!

I’ve extended this post of Scottish Wedding Flowers in Part 2


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