Naturally grown Scottish Wedding flowers part 2


Continuing with photos from the wedding shown in Part 1

Depending on time of year (and the weather) it might be possible to grow particular flowers for a particular wedding.  This is slightly unpredictable when dealing with seasonally grown flowers (and naturally grown without artificial heat and light to control the seasons) so a Plan B is always essential.  I will be making more use of my greenhouse next year and low/high tunnels so I should have more predictablility, (some of this year’s spring flowers were blooming 4 weeks later than last year!)

These wedding flowers were a joy to do.  The colour theme and style of bouquet was set by the bride but the choice of flowers was up to me on the day with what was at its peak and suited the job best.  I love this creative way to work and it suits my flowers and style of working (although I do usually pick too many options and change my mind even if I have done some mock ups beforehand as the flower choice keeps changing).  If you must have a certain type of flower in your bouquet perhaps Mayfield Flowers isn’t for you but with so many beautiful flowers to choose from here I would challenge you to stick to your certainty about one particular flower, especially if you want scent in your bouquet anyway! (NB I don’t grow roses for bouquets at present).


So with the bouquets and church flowers done the workshop looks quite empty.


Now on to the “swags” for the hall.  The family did the table centres themselves and the hall was transformed by their decorations – the hanging flowers adding the final touch.


Lastly the buttonholes – late at night so they last!  Can’t wait to see the official photos.

The weather was ever so slightly cold and wet that day – “it’s not always like this” I hope the Russian guests were told!

And for me, the ultimate test of a job well done, the bride’s testimonial a few days later:

“We would like to thank you for the stunningly beautiful flowers. We absolutely loved them. They made our wedding really special.”

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