Seasonal wedding flowers

Good for Kate Middleton choosing all British wedding flowers.  Not just a tokenistic few sprigs either, and flowers grown in their natural season.  (A few poytunnels or greenhouses are exceptable to extend or hasten a season, but not heated indoor spaces trying to mimic other climates or seasons).

I was providing British (Scottish) grown flowers on Saturday to a beautiful self catering property in deepest South Ayrshire.  The couple were looking for a “fresh from the garden” type of look with pale pinks and whites.

Photographing bouquets is very difficult – everything ends up in my white jugs for photos as a way of holding them!  Not the best way to show the shape of the bouquet.  Anyway it was lovely and warm with the sun was shining as is has been doing for weeks in this part of the world so they had a great day for their occasion.  It really has been so hot and sunny – guess what I want now?  Yes, rain and a good few hours/days of it.  If it can be arranged for during the night then you will be happy and so will I!

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