Selecting seeds

Did you take my advice and sit by the fire and look at seed catalogues?  Umm I wish I had followed my own advice a few months ago.  The problem is my favourite catalogue is Sarah Raven, that guru of cut flowers.  However as I am whisked away to dream garden planet with fantastic photography and my wish list grows I have to pinch myself and ask, “is it realistically going to grow for me, for all the months that it does for Sarah Raven in Kent?”  And as the answer is often “no” I save myself a fortune!  I challenge Sarah Raven to produce a myriad of cutting flowers from my patch using her “best ever cutting flower” seeds.  Whilst I wait for Sarah Raven to call I will be making a list of my favourites such as Sweet Peas and Snapdragons.  What are you all sowing?  Any new varieties you are desperate to try?

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