Short and sweet

One of the reasons that Spring is my favourite season is the way that flowers rapidly grow and suddenly come into flower.  It means that not only in the garden but all around outside, the landscape is changing and everyday there seems to be something else to enjoy or marvel it.

Yes, and when you are growing cut flowers there is an even shorter window to pick! The weather has been so good recently – sunny and then some rain this week but with more sun.  The tulips have gone mad and instead of different varieties coming out over a few weeks a lot are out now!

Tulips will out in AprilIf you want some of these tulips in a mixed bunch – order now before they are gone.  To try and keep you up to date I have added a “this week” section.  So far getting photos on quick enough has been a problem.

Bleeding Hearts is also out – apparently, when open, the upside down flowers look like a lady getting into the bath.  Sounds like the gardening book was written by a man!  Try it for yourself (just look at your computer screen upside down!).

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