Speed Weeding

Speed weeding is, I imagine, a bit like speed dating – doing a quick job when don’t have the time or inclination to do it properly!  Well I have been ‘speed weeding’.  To do this you need moist soil which allows the weeds to come out of the soil easily, gloves, large bucket or trug and a deadline.  This is not the kind of weeding you do if you have a garden where you can see lots of soil between plants, where the grass edges are trimmed at each grass cutting or you comb the leaves of Stipa to untangle them.  This ‘speed weeding’ method does not involve using a hand trowel or kneeling.  Basically you are weeding to: see the plants in the border; stop annual weeds seeding; stop the spread.  To do this you just grab the weeds, preferably at the base, check that it really is a weed not the suffocated plant in the border, and pull up.  Targeting weeds by size or danger of seeding limits what you have to take out – you will always have to come back anyway, but makes a huge impact on the look of the border.  As you are not dealing with fiddly little weeds you avoid scrabbling around in the soil getting messy and having sore knees.  This is obviously for people who have not been weeding some parts of the garden since June…..

PS   I know I was complaining about the lack of rain way back in the early summer.  I think there must still be people out there who are doing a rain dance for me – you can stop now!  Some sun would be good.  I don’t mind some rain but can it be sunny when it is not raining please.

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