Steep learning curve

Some of the researh for the flower field

If you don’t live in Scotland you may not get the significance of the Tunnock Teacake!

Feels like time is slipping away. We were hoping to be planting transplants in a few weeks time – they are getting too big for the greenhouse and really need to be in the ground.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is the first time that I have done field scale and it won’t necessarily be right the first time round! I really need to get plants and bulbs in this autumn to ensure that I have enough stock for next year. Every job feels like there is another three in front of it that can’t be progressed.  I am used to being able to resolve these backlogs myself but on this scale I am waiting for other people’s work or materials to be delivered.

You can buy Tunnock Teacakes packs of 10…

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