Still no rain!

I have now given up on rain.  I don’t know how many days it has rained properly since March but very few.  In the last 6 weeks I am sure we have only had 2 days of rain.  Unfortunately as the soil is so parched it did not penetrate more than a few centimetres.  Some parts of the garden are dust.  Remember most of my soil is usually heavy – the kind that is sticky even in summer – not at the moment.  My plants are wondering what has happened and I have resorted to watering.  I wish I had done this a few weeks ago.  The positives are easier weeding in some areas – also dry weeding, not getting soaked by the undergrowth.  Those of you with wet climate will know that if it is usually rainy you can’t wait for a dry spell to weed.  One disadvantage is that weeds don’t pull out as easily when stuck in hardened ground.  Dandelions are staying firmly stuck between pavings!

Please don’t tell me that i have spoiled your holiday if is now rains for 2 weeks.

I am not the only parched Scot.  Someone  who is not a gardener said, the last time it rained, that it was so nice to smell and feel rain again after weeks of scorching sun.  You definitely need a bit of both!

My wonderful neighbour has been religiously watering the transplanted seedlings for me – she has a better memory than me!
Another picture on the hop!

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