Summer at the Flower Farm

When we came back from a wee holiday in the Hebrides the flower field seemed over run with weeds – I always underestimate the impact of going away at that time of year. Of course it has been too wet since May to use hoeing as a method of weed control so we had to resort to laborious careful hand weeding on some beds. (Note to self to use more stale seedbed technique next year). Not helped by a cat trying to help. The mad kitten is even more unhelpful. Now he adventures all over the place by himself he can suddenly appear under plants trying to play with the snips as you are reaching down to harvesting flowers.

Luckily at this time, an American Flower Farmer had been in touch wondering if she could visit on her way through Glasgow. What do you say to a like minded soul that offers to work for her keep, and as she hasn’t been in a garden for two weeks is desperate to get back to the soil? Well there was no stopping Margaret, her T-shirt said “play in the dirt” and she did! She weeded solid for 2 days and we got the field beds into shape. What a relief and a huge thanks to Margaret.

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