This week in March

After nearly getting down to teeshirts at the beginning of the week the weather has cooled again and held all the plants in check. But I was enjoying the dry weather for easy weeding (until I stung my wrist on a tiny nettle shoot).  If I could get round the whole garden in this dry weather and at this time of year when the nasties like buttercups and willowherb are just sprouting and are easy to see as the other plants haven’t come up yet, I would be very pleased.  I was beginning to wish that the garden beds were all in straight rows though to make the job quicker. Some perennial beds in the flower field have also been weeded and then mulched.  One bed with Strulch and another with wood/leafshreddings.  Let’s see which one works best.  And the anemones have started so will hopefully will feature in this weekend’s wedding.


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