Tulip Fire

I have finally dug up the tulips that I am pretty sure had tulip fire.  This was a bit of a soul destroying job – actually digging down to find bulbs to throw them out.  I think it took me longer to dig them up than to put them in.  I had made a good job the first time too!  I think this actually made it easier to find and dig the bulbs up as they were all at the same depth, nicely sitting on grit so easy to find.  Now I can’t grow tulips there for 3-4 years.  I have been on the hunt for another patch to grow tulips as there is no space at home.  I think I might have found a place at last.

The sweet williams went in the old tulip bed.  It is so late that I am not hopeful they will flower next year.  I did have the foresight to repot them as they waited for me to dig up the old tulips but still the weather has changed to cold (and wet) and they won’t get any growing or settling in done if this is winter starting.

This jug was in late August – a different season then!

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