We have done it!

We have swapped the view I loved for this kind of view:

I think I will get used to it!

The weather was so cold when we moved in on 11th May approx 8C during the day and 3C at night – the winter had been warmer at night!  Now we into a week of no rain and 25-28C.  The plants are wondering what has happened.  The hardy annuals that I have lovingly nutured in my front room in the last house were luxuriating in a greenhouse and now have gone into the ground.

There was one more existing veg bed left so I decided to sow some half hardy annuals whilst I still could.

The intention is not to do very much on a garden scale this year but to put the effort into this space:

Named as a paddock on the schedule, now known as “the Flower Field”.  Any tips on how to get this into horticultural use (without weedkiller please)?


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