Weather and Dreams

The weather has been so good recently, sunny, warm and calm.  A change from the usual conditions I am challenged by on my bit of ground – mainly windy and shady.  When in the throes of bad weather I have a recurring dream that someone has given me a large walled garden to grow an abundance of flowers, sheltered from winds,  (and slugs in my dream!) and in glorious sunshine (but not too hot).  My dream then moves on to include a house next to the garden (family sized of course) so I could live and work on site and not neglect my gardening by travelling to said walled garden.  So if anyone out there has a spare walled garden with house I would love to hear from you.  The only other requirement I have is that it needs to be in/near Kilmaurs so the kids wouldn’t have to change schools/friends etc…….september-jug

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