When it doesn’t rain

Plants need rain sometimes – especially a garden that is used to rain!  To have no rain for weeks, lets face it, on the West Coast of Scotland is quite unusual.  I didn’t take much notice the first week as rain is so frequent and I expected the next day, or the next would bring rain. The weather forecast kept promising rain but I watched the laden clouds blow over and build up in the distance. Nothing came – by week 2 and 3 I realised that I would have to start watering.  What a waste of time!  Don’t laugh, but it is not a job I am used to here and for real moisture lovers like astilbe you can’t give them enough with a hose.  So the likes of astilbe and phlox are starting to sulk and the young plants are shocked that they have been transplanted into a desert.  This will mean less growth and shorter stems…

These were muddy squelching paths not so long ago!

parched path

parched earth1


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